How to Become a Dentist

Think of choosing dentistry as your career path? Then why not check how big is dentist salary? You should include job and salary outlook into your research on dentist’s profession.

Let’s refer to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics to analyze the situation with dentist salary. Studying the full picture you will better understand what is waiting for you in future.

Dentist Salary Depending on Industry Growth

In general, the situation on job market for dentists is quite promising these days! The industry is growing every year, so you can be sure to find a job and get great dentist salary. The major growth is expected in 2018, where the employment rate is said to increase by 16%. This way, choosing dentistry you may be sure in your future!

Dental field offers a great variety of job opportunities and really good dentist salary. It especially concerns those who start their own practice. Dentists in the private setting earn big bucks! So needless to say, job outlook for dentists is bright and promising!

What Influences Dentist Salary

Dentist salary depends on the industry growth. Why is it increasing you may ask. Well, there are several factors influencing the field of dentistry and consequently dentist salary:

• population growth
• teeth retaining among older people
• dental problems among baby-boom generation
• need for preventative check ups
• increased dental coverage
• growing popularity of cosmetic dental services

No wonder that some states are already suffering from the lack of professionals! This means that they pay bigger dentist salary as compared to average earnings. To be more specific, the most job openings are observed in Phoenix, Arizona, Los Angeles, California, Chicago, Illinois, and Houston, Texas. This means that employment market is in great demand of dentists to pick up the slack.

Considering all the information above you can see that job outlook and dentist salary for both experienced dentists and newcomers are extremely favorable. So why not choose the career path of a dentist?